Small Bites Catering

by Chef Kim 


2 ounce clear disposable glasses with layers of amazing flavors.  Served with a tiny spoon ready to eat!



Brownie Heath Bar; brownie, butterscotch pudding, whipped cream, heath bar crumbles $3.00 


Mississippi Mud; brownie, chocolate mousse, whipped cream, oreo crumbles $3.00 


Texas Sheet Cake; sheet cake, pecans, icing topped with cream and candied pecans $3.00 


Red Velvet; Red velvet cake, cream cheese frosting, chocolate shavings on top $3.00 


Turtle Cheesecake: cheesecake filling, graham cracker crust, caramel, chocolate, pecans $3.25 


Tiramisu; espresso-soaked lady fingers, custard, whipped cream, cocoa topping $3.00 


Apple Pie; apple compote, pastry crumble, caramel sauce, whipped cream $3.00 


Peach or Cherry Crumble: sweetened sauteed fruit, oat crumble, whipped cream $3.00 


Vanilla Berry; pound cake, fresh berry compote, whipped cream, seasonal berries $3.25 


Banana Pudding; vanilla pudding, fresh banana, vanilla wafers, whipped cream $3.00 


Carrot Cake; Homemade carrot cake, whipped cream cheese frosting, candied pecans $3.25 


Lemon Bar; lemon curd, cookie crumble, whipped cream $3.00 


Key Lime Pie; key lime filling, graham cracker crust crumble, key lime whipped cream $3.25 




Vanilla Grand Marnier; pound cake, Grand Marnier orange compote, whipped cream, toasted almond crunch $4.00  


Baileys Cheesecake; homemade brownie, baileys chocolate cream cheese frosting, whipped cream, shaved chocolate $4.00 


Sangria; homemade apple berry cake, red wine buttercream, fresh fruit $4.50  


Candied Bacon Bourbon Pecan; Kim’s chocolate cake, bourbon candied bacon, pecans chocolate buttercream, candied bacon, pecan pieces $4.50 



MINIMUM 12 of 1 flavor