MINI serves 1, SMALL serves 2-3, MEDIUM serves 4-5, LARGE serves 6-8

* GF= Gluten Free  DF= Dairy Free V=Vegetarian 


  • MEAT LASAGNA; slow cooked tomato sauce with ground beef, Italian sausage, crushed tomatoes and seasonings layered with cheeses. Serve with salad and garlic bread! BEST SELLER!  $10 Mini $22 Small $30 Medium $60 Large 
  • CHICKEN POT PIE; Loaded flaky pie crust with chicken breast pieces sauted with potatoes, green beans and corn in a chicken cream sauce! Bake and Serve! FAN FAVORITE $10 individual $40 10inch 
  • CHICKEN ALFREDO LASAGNA; hand ground chicken breast meat cooked in Kim's Alfredo sauce with garlic and seasonings layered with cheeses. Serve with salad and garlic bread!   $10 Mini $22 Small $30 Medium $60 Large 
  • *GF ROASTED GREEK CHICKEN and POTATOES; Seasoned skin on chicken thighs roasted and placed atop seasoned roasted baby potatoes and topped with roasted tomatoes, greek olives and feta cheese.  Fully Cooked, Heat and Serve $8 Mini $16 Small $30 Medium $45 Large 
  • *GF/DF HEARTY MEXICAN PORK STEW; slow cooked pork but broken up and mixed pinto beans and a slow cooked gravy of kielbasa, green chilis, diced tomatoes, green onion, cilantro and fresh lime.  Serve as is, over rive or with tortillas.  Fully Cooked, heat and serve $20 quart $10 1/2 quart
  • *GF/DF BBQ PULLED PORK; seasoned pork butt, slow-cooked overnight, pulled apart, and mixed with a sweet BBQ sauce. Fully Cooked.  Ready to heat and serve!  Gluten and Dairy Free $14  pound serves 3-4 people
  • *GF GROUND BEEF STROGANOFF; lean ground beef seasoned and slow cooked with onions and mushrooms in a beef gravy finished with sour cream ready to heat and serve over rice, noodles or potatoes
  • *GF SUNDRIED TOMATO, SPINACH and GOAT CHEESE stuffed CHICKEN BREAST; Large boneless, skinless chicken breast seasoned and stuffed with delicious Italian sundried tomatoes, sauteed with spinach garlic, white wine and goat cheese.  Bake and Serve $6.75 each 
  • GF/DF DIRTY RICE stuffed PORK CHOP; Zummo’s Cajun Style Boudin sauteed with bell peppers, rice and seasonings stuffed in an 8oz pork chop.  Bake and Serve $7.25 each
  • V INDIVIDUAL JALAPENO, CHEDDAR, CORNBREAD CASSEROLE; individual casserole made with fresh corn cornbread, shredded sharp cheddar cheese, chopped jalapenos.  Fully Cooked, heat and serve. as a side dish or breakfast $6.50 each

  • CHICKEN ALFREDO BAKE; Hand cut chicken breast pieces marinated, seared and simmered with Kim's Alfredo Sauce tossed with Al dente Fussili Pasta. Fully Cooked. Heat and Serve $10 Mini $22 Small $30 Medium $55 Large 
  • *V SPINACH ARTICHOKE stuffed MANICOTTI; sauteed spinach and artichokes mixed with a seasoned cheese mixture stuffed in manicotti shells topped with brandy mushroom cream sauce $8-2 shells, $32-8 shells 
  • *GF LEMON HERB ROASTED CHICKEN QUARTERS over STEAMED RICE; marinated chicken quarters fully cooked topped with fresh herbs and lemon butter over fluffy steamed rice $22 each 3 quarters serves 2-3 ppl
  • CAJUN CORNBREAD stuffed PORK CHOP; 8oz center cut pork chop stuffed with homemade cajun cornbread dressing with fresh corn, onions, celery, carrots and seasonings.  Bake and Serve! $7 each 
  • *GF/DF MEXICAN CHICKEN BREAST; Large boneless, skinless chicken breast seasoned and coasted with a mild salsa, julienne bell peppers and onions. Ready to bake. Great as is, shred for your favorite Mexican dish or breakfast tacos $6.50 each 


  • *GF/DF ITALIAN SAUSAGE and EGG CASSEROLE; individual egg casserole; mild Italian sausage, bell pepper, eggs and seasonings.  Fully cooked, heat and serve $6.50 each


  • *GF TRADITIONAL CHICKEN SALAD; Finely chopped chicken breast mixed with creamy mayonnaise-based dressing (nothing “funny” mixed in) Ready to eat as is, on a croissant, in a wrap, with crackers or over lettuce $5 half pound $10.00 pound 


$8 each bag 

Turtle, Chocolate Chip, Dark Chocolate Coconut, Milk Chocolate Peanut Butter, Cranberry Orange, Lemon Blueberry, Snickerdoodle, Sea Salt Caramel


*GF HOMEMADE CRANBERRY SAUCE; fresh cranberries cooked down with apple cider, sugar and spices $4 4oz $7 8oz $14 16oz 

*GF HOMEMADE APPLE SAUCE SAUCE; varieties of seasonal apples cooked down with cinnamon and sugar $9 16oz