Make Mealtime Easier With a Professional Caterer


Charcuterie Board: the following items prepared on a board provided by clients or Kim; cured meats, i.e.: prosciutto, soprasetta, sausages, salami, assorted cheeses, breads, crackers, olives, bread sticks, fruits, jams, nuts $12 person minimum 15 ppl

Grazing Tables: the following items laid out in design on a large counter, island, or table with butcher paper.  Cured meats, i.e.: prosciutto, soprasetta, sausages, salami, assorted cheese blocks as well as slices and squares, breads, crackers, olives, gherkins, bread sticks, assorted fruits, vegetables, jams, ratatouille, spreads, dips, seeds, nuts $16 per person minimum 25ppl $75 set up fee (set up time 45-120 minutes)


Don’t be hungry on your wedding day!  Kim offers a personalized grazing table for the wedding party during the day's preparations. Answer a few questions like favorite foods and ingredients and I will create a special spread just for you to graze at during hair, make up and pictures. Groom tables available as well with things like beer dip or a pretzel bar!