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Fruity French Toast Bites: Cinnamon Bread dipped in custard mixture topped with cinnamon maple syrup drizzle $21.00 dozen  

Cinnamon; topped with Cinnamon Maple Drizzle 

Apple Pecan; topped with sauteed petite apples and pecans 

Banana; pureed fresh banana mixed into custard and topped with fresh banana pieces and cinnamon maple drizzle  

Mixed Berry; pureed berries mixed with custard and topped with fresh berry and cinnamon maple drizzle 


Petite Pancake Stack; 3 mini pancakes topped with fresh berry and vanilla maple syrup $21 dozen 


Frittata Triangles:  

Southwest; egg, chorizo, black bean, cheese, pico de gallo  

American; egg, bacon, cheddar, potato  

Roasted Veggie; seasonal veggies roasted with herbs, mixed with eggs and feta cheese.  

Italian; egg, sausage, bell peppers, caramelized onion, parmesan cheese $27.00 dozen 


Eggs Benedict Cups: shredded potato cup filled with medium baked egg topped with Hollandaise and crispy Canadian bacon $4 each minimum 12 Add Fresh Crab Meat $2 each 


Smashed Avocado Toast: Creamy seasoned avocado smashed and served atop crisp whole grain toast topped with Fresh Pico de Gallo $24.00 dozen  


Prosciutto, Pear Crostini; Buttery Crostini topped with gorgonzola spread topped with shaved prosciutto and topped with a pear compote $30 dozen 

Balsamic Ratatouille with Goat Cheese; Mushrooms, tomatoes, bell peppers, zucchini, squash chopped fine and cooked down with garlic and Italian seasonings. Finished with aged balsamic vinegar and chilled. Serve room temperature with a smear of goat cheese on a rosemary crostini topped with the Ratatouille $24.00 dozen  


Salsa Duo: House fried Corn Chips served with 2 shot glasses of salsa on single serving plate.  Choose 2 flavors: Traditional Mild, Traditional Spicy, Roasted Tomatillo, Green Sauce, Avocado Salsa, Traditional Guacamole, Seasonal Fruit dairy free $6 each minimum 12  


*Caprese Skewers; cheese tortellini tossed in basil pesto, and skewered with fresh mozzarella balls and cherry tomatoes $24 dozen  


Baked Artichoke Puff; cheesy artichoke mixture baked in puff pastry. $30 dozen 


Traditional Bruschetta: diced tomatoes with fresh garlic and basil tossed with Extra Virgin Olive Oil atop toast crisps $18 dozen 


*Veggie Cups with Creamy Herb Dip; seasonal vegetables served in individual cups with creamy dressing on the bottom (no double dipping!!) sub honey mustard to make dairy free $21 dozen 


Petite Fruit Kabobs; seasonal fruit pieces on wooden skewers dairy free $24 dozen 


Puff Pastry Brie: Pieces of brie cheese stuffed in puff pastry and baked, topped with orange marmalade $24 dozen  


Asparagus and Gorgonzola wrapped with Pastry topped with Balsamic Reduction: blanched asparagus spears and gorgonzola wrapped in puff pastry topped with balsamic reduction $24 dozen 


Spinach Stuffed Mushrooms: sautéed spinach, butter, garlic with Parmesan cheese stuffed in a baby portabella mushroom $21 dozen 


Truffle Parmesan Fry Cups; petite french fries tossed with parmesan, truffle salt and parsley $24 dozen 


*Cheddar Bacon stuffed Baby Potatoes: sharp cheddar cheese mixed with cream cheese, chives and bacon baked in a mini potato $24 dozen 

*Prosciutto wrapped Asparagus; Fresh Asparagus spears tossed with Olive Oil and Seasonings wrapped with shaved prosciutto and oven roasted! Served with a Roasted Tomato Dip $24 dozen 


Seafood Etouffee Cups; mixed seafood etouffee served in petite cups with garlic toast 


Shrimp Ceviche Shots: shrimp marinated in citrus trio until cooked through with bell peppers, green onion and seasonings served in a 2 oz shot glass with petite spoons  

$36 dozen 


Bloody Mary Shrimp Shots: shrimp marinated in bloody mary mix and served in a petite shot glass with marinated shrimp, Tito’s bloody mary and gherkin or olive garnish $36 dozen 


*Shrimp Cocktail: colossal shrimp steamed with lemon placed in a mini shot glass with homemade coctail sauce garnished with fresh parsley $36 dozen  


Crab Salad Spoons: Fresh crab meat mixed with creamy dressing, mango, chives, lime, and seasonings. Served chilled on individual spoons. $36 dozen 


Ahi Tuna Poke: Ahi Tuna diced fine and mixed with Asian vinaigrette and avocado served in a 2 oz shot glass with a petite fork $48 dozen  

Smoked Salmon Crepe Rolls: Thinly sliced Norwegian smoked Salmon layered atop dill crème fraiche and rolled in a homemade crepe and sliced; $36 dozen 

Shrimp and Corn Fritters; Shimp and corn kernels mixed with a corn fritter batter and deep fried, topped with Pimento Cheese Cream $30 dozen 


Sweet and Spicy Shrimp Skewers; Homemade mango, jalapeno jam glazed on jumbo shrimp on the grill! $36 dozen 


*Chicken and Waffles with Cinnamon Maple Syrup: Kim’s fried chicken breast bites atop a toasted waffle with a cinnamon maple syrup drizzle $ 30 dozen 

Greek Chicken and Veggie Phyllo Cup; seasoned chicken, peppers, onions, and tomatoes roasted, tossed with olives and feta cheese stuffed in a phyllo pastry cup topped with tzatziki sauce $30 dozen 


BBQ Chicken Cornbread Muffin: slow cooked seasoned chicken apart mixed with a sweet sauce and place in a sliced mini corn muffin topped with a petite pickle slice $36 dozen 


*Chicken Sundried Tomato Meatballs: ground chicken breast mixed with sundried tomatoes, basil and seasonings roasted in the oven until golden and served with Homemade Alfredo Dipping Sauce $21 dozen 


Buffalo Chicken Meatballs with Blue Cheese Dip; ground chicken seasoned meatballs tossed with mild buffalo sauce and homemade blue cheese dip on the side $21 dozen 

Chicken Parmesan Bites: bite size chicken breast pieces breaded and deep fried served with homemade tomato basil sauce $21 dozen 

Hoisin Duck Wonton: Roasted duck topped with peanut sauce on wonton crisp $36 dozen 


*Charcuterie Cones: meat, cheese fruit or gherkins, breadstick served in individual bamboo cones $6 each  

*Charcuterie Cups; heartier portion meat, cheese, fruit or gherkins, crackers served in individual cups $8 each 


*Crispy BBQ Pork Mac and Cheese Bites; Kim’s BBQ mac and cheese mixed with slow cooked pulled pork, breaded in crispy panko and deep fried...OH MY YUM! $36 dozen 

*BBQ Pork Slider: slow cooked seasoned pork apart mixed with a sweet sauce and place in a sliced  sweet roll with shaved onion and pickles $42 dozen 


Smother Pork Chop Bite; seasoned and seared pork cube served on individual plate with mushroom, onion gravy $36 dozen 


Pretzel wrap Little Smokey; Petite beef franks wrapped in pretzel dough baked served with Ground Mustard on the side $21 dozen 

Traditional Italian Meatballs: ground beef, mixed with seasonings and cheese served with tomato basil sauce $21 dozen  

Meatloaf and Mashed Potato Bite; Kim’s meatloaf made with ground beef and pork with a tomato glaze in a bite size portion on top of homemade creamy mashed potatoes $24 dozen 

Shaved Beef Slider; with caramelized onion, watercress and horseradish cream; hot or cold $48 dozen 

Mini Beef “Wellingtons”: Beef tenderloin in puff pastry cup topped with mushroom mixture baked on individual plate with beurre rouge (red wine butter sauce) $60 dozen  


*Beef Tenderloin with Dijon Mushroom Cream: seasoned and seared beef tenderloin cubes served in a pool of Dijon cream sauce garnished with crispy prosciutto $54 dozen 

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