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Thoughts from Kim

Posted in camps, on 8 October 2016, by , 0 Comments

personal-cookin-lesson-376x501 Cookin’ with Kim began back in 2007 in an effort to make mealtime easier for busy families!  Throughout the years it has changed and grown with the times.  I started with freezer meal stations set up around my kitchen and people would come create healthy dinners for their families while picking up fun tips.  It was always a good time and people arrived as strangers and left as friends!  Nothing like a bunch of women together in a small environment cooking and laughing to create a fun evening!!

As people’s lives became busier I would create these meals for clients and they would just pick up their freezer meals.  To continue to accommodate the need for healthy easy dinners I started to actually serve dinner HOT one day a week.  This started Lucynda’s first day of Kindergarten with Spaghetti and Meatballs, her favorite!  Consequently every first day of school you will notice the meal is Spaghetti and Meatballs!bake-shoppe-3-668x501

As my personal life began to change so did my business!  In 2011 I took a great leap of Faith and started my business full time offering Hot Meals 3 nights a week which lead to 4 nights a week!   All of these different stages have continued to be a part of my business and a great variety to help everyone with their various mealtime needs!

dough-dough-dough-5-668x501Another wonderful part of Cookin’ with Kim is the opportunity to help others in the community!  Sadly there have been many situations with sick children that have been brought to my attention.  I have had the privilege to offer various fundraisers throughout the years to assist these families with medical financial needs.  It has been an honor to be the hands through the Lords work to offer assistance to these wonderful families in times of need.  Overall Cookin’ with Kim has distributed over $10,000 through the years.

My main purpose has ALWAYS been to make mealtime easier for busy families this includes meals and teaching.  I am blessed wake up every day looking forward to cookin’ and creating for others.  I greatly appreciate your support through the years and into the future!!